National Anthems (Limited Ed.)

Boegli’s Limited Edition Watches are rare, exclusive timepieces made only under certain circumstances and occasions. No two models are the same: each comes with a different melody, dial design, and finish – unique watches for the self-made man.
National Anthems (Limited Ed.)

Watches are deeply personal things, so we make them personal. Design, features and specifications for watches in this collection are model-defined. Everything is made for you to have a truly unique, truly bespoke Boegli piece.

National Anthems Collection Melodies

Anthem of Kazakhstan
The state anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Israeli Anthem
Hatikvah ('The Hope') is the national anthem of the State of Israel.
Anthem of the US
"The Star-Spangled Banner", the national anthem of the United States.
Anthem of Armenia
"Mer Hayreniḱ" ("Our Fatherland") is the national anthem of Armenia.


Destiny calls each of us to do fate’s bidding, and the world turns like a gear in the work of a master clocksmith.