Four Seasons (Limited Ed.)

Boegli’s Limited Edition Watches are rare, exclusive timepieces made only under certain circumstances and occasions. No two models are the same: each comes with a different melody, dial design, and finish – unique watches for the self-made man. Features and specifications are model defined.

Four Seasons (Limited Ed.)

Four Seasons Limited Edition” collection musical pocket watch. The collection is limited to 20 pieces only. The design of a dial was handcrafted by Internationally recognized Australian artist, Timothy John.

Four Seasons Collection Melodies

Vivaldi — The Four Seasons
Composed in 1725, The Four Seasons is Vivaldi’s best-known work, and is among the most popular pieces in the classical music repertoire. The texture of each concerto is varied, each resembling its respective season. It’s a true feast for music connoisseurs.


Destiny calls each of us to do fate’s bidding, and the world turns like a gear in the work of a master clocksmith.