MGF250W The Godfather

Our limited edition watches will be produced for special occasions usually agreed with the customer in terms of supply, model, color or design.

As implied, all items in this collection are produced in limited quantity (250 pieces).
The Godfather
Choose your melody:
CHF 3,600.00
2 years of international warranty
100% handmade from superior materials
Pieces of art — a concerto you can carry
Hardwearing. Stylish. Comfortable
Fully configurable to match your personality

Packaging & Warranty

Each of our timepieces is offered with a special wooden presentation box and a pocket watch chain
2 years of international warranty

Available Melodies

The Godfather
The soundtrack from the film of the same name, The Godfather explores the nature of power. Composed by an Italian composer Nino Rota in 1972, the theme song was so famous that it used to have symphony orchestra live concerts just for the theme music.

Technical Data

Fully polished 10-micron gold plated with a special engraving
ETA 2660 manual winding
Musical movement
B.01 gold plated
ime is displayed on a shiny white sub-dial with a linear design executed in highly polished materials. Hours and minutes are indicated by a set of golden finished hands. Thanks to ingenious of designers the famous phrase from the movie: « I am gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse » is written at 6 o’clock of the dial.

User Manual

Move the lever found at the back of the watch to play the melody, the music plays when the cover is opened and stops when the cover is closed, rotation of 1 cylinder against 1 comb (17 teeth in total), playing a melody of 54 notes

Duration of melody: 60 seconds

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